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Image by Kristin Wilson
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afro artists Welcomes You

What We Do

We strive to become a place where Africa and the rest of the world unite through the power of art. Here you can find several African artists, each with their own unique styles and talents. You can admire the artist's artworks as well as get to know them at a personal level. 

Traditional Trival Carved African wooden Masks
Portrait of an African Marriage


Since 2021, afro artists has been helping artists all over Africa to showcase their art to the world and make a living out of their creative minds. Our website aims to connect people from all over the world to these extremely passionate and talented artists based in Africa and at giving you the opportunity to get to know our artists personally while supporting their work at the same time.


Connect With Us

3A Howe street, Obs Court, Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: +27 842 881 670

         +27 727 799 865

Contact us on Whatsapp: +32 498 266 800


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eyes of African people painted on a wooden wall

Worldwide Delivery  to Your Front Door

We have satisfied customers in Belgium, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, literally anywhere in the world.

We deliver your piece of art within 1 - 2 weeks to your front door.

From the moment you place your order, we start packing to ship your package already the very next day. Your package gets delivered to your front door and needs your signature when delivering to prevent your package from being left at your door unattended.

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